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  • Do you provide warranty on your products?
    All VELUX skylights come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty that we match with a 10 year warranty on our work.
  • Can I visit the showroom despite COVID-19?
    Yes, office hours are 8:30 - 4:30, Monday to Friday.
  • Your showroom is in Penrith, is there anywhere else I can view skylights?"
    The VELUX showroom is in Alexandria, currently closed due to COVID-19, however Hardware and General stores in Brookvale and Marayong also have limited displays.
  • How long does a skylight installation take?
    Typically one day for a full skylight installation. This includes cutting through the Gyprock ceiling, creating a Gyprock frame and shaft, flashing, plastering, and sanding ready to paint.
  • What are the added benefits of having a skylight in my home?
    Lots of benefits! These include natural light, heat reduction, saving on energy bills, ventilation, and increasing the value of your property.
  • I have a broken dome can you fix it?
    FCM skylights are a double glazed alternative to acrylic domes, which can generally replace most domes quickly, easily, and for less money! There are 10 sizes available, and they come with all the added benefits of a double glazed skylight.
  • Will you do repairs to non-VELUX skylights or skylights installed by another company?
    Yes we can, every situation is different and may require a site visit, so please call us and we can make an assessment.
  • Do you provide a cleaning service for skylights?
    Cleaning instructions for skylights can be obtained from Simply Skylights when you install your skylight, just ask!
  • Are skyights easy to maintain?
    Yes! Skylights require minimal maintenance. VELUX skylights have a NEAT photo-catalytic coating that reacts with the suns UV rays to decompose surface organic dirt, before rinsing away with the next shower of rain. Thereby reducing the cleaning frequency. This coating also makes the glass smoother, so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly, minimising water spotting on the pane.
  • Why do you use a Gyprock shaft?
    As opposed to MDF shafts which may be used by other companies, Gyprock shafts are premium quality. They give a much cleaner finish, and will match the texture of your ceiling, unlike MDF. Timber flashing is also available upon request.
  • Are skylights likely to leak?
    Skylights should never leak and if they are they should be fixed. Skylights may leak for a variety of reasons, and if you have any problems with one, contact us and we'll have a look at it. The solution will be very dependant on the problem. Our skylights are flashed to be leak proof so the chances of this happening are very low.
  • Are skylights hail proof?
    In our experience, damage from hail is an extremely rare occurence. Old acrylic domed skylights get more brittle with age and subsequently are prone to hail damage. VELUX skylights are high performance, double glazed, laminated, toughened glass. These are less likely to suffer from hail damage.
  • Do I need an electrician for my solar powered skylight?
    No. A solar skylight is a complete unit, including wireless installation. A solar panel is attached to the skylight, with an internal battery, so no electrician is required. The skylight will close automatically in rain from the rain sensor installed, and is fully automated.
  • Can I use my opening skylights with a smart system?
    Yes. VELUX ACTIVE supply an indoor climate control system that is operated through your phone. This system is ideal for multiple skylights and/or multiple blind operation
  • What blind options do you offer?
    We offer a range of different blinds. These are available in either honeycomb or blockout style. The blockout style will reduce heat by approximately 40% with near total light reduction, the honeycomb blinds will reduce heat by approxinmately 60% and near total light reduction. Blinds are available in solar and manual options but will depend on what model skylight you decide to go for. This can be advised upon quote. Tubelights do not come with blinds.
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